The Team

Cindie Sorensen

Founder of Zenzen Organics

Cindie’s love for gardening came at an early age. She helped her grandmother water the vegetables, pull weeds and enjoyed eating tomatoes right out of the garden with sweet juice running down her face. Her father was also a big gardener and taught her how to prepare the soil with lots of compost.

Her first garden was while she attended college. She grew the basics: A salad garden and a yummy salsa garden! She received her degree from CSU in Applied Human Sciences with an emphasis in interior design. Most of her design work is creating interiors for high end homes with her design firm Cindie Sorensen Interior Design, with projects located in Aspen, Santa Barbara, Virginia Beach and Chicago. She first came across hemp fabrics while designing a home in Scottsdale and became a fan of this amazing fiber.

After purchasing the 20 acre farm outside of Paonia with her family in 2005, she finally put down her roots. She put all of her energy studying the land, understanding water systems and cleaning up the abandoned farm. She brought the fields back to life and planted trees, bushes and flowers. She too has an amazing garden, just like her grandma. She cans,  freezes, fresh produce and has made cheese from her goats that she milked. She designed and built the family’s dream home, a two story straw bale home. Her three children picked strawberries, raspberries and blackberries with juice running down their faces too. Cindie has completely landscaped her property, designing and creating beautiful flower gardens.

In 2011, Cindie had the idea about turning an old hay field into a hemp, however at the time it was still illegal to grow hemp in the United States. She met with state representatives to promote growing hemp in the state and has attended many workshops and conferences. Cindie has been growing hemp since 2016.

Cindie is a passionate about gardening, flowers, making things beautiful, loving her children and animals, giving to others and her spiritual practice. She cares about the environment, recycling and minimizing plastic in our world. She is kind and compassionate and gives back to her community.

Cindie is an advocate for feeding those who have food insecurities in her community.  She fundraises money and organizes a food drive feeding 92 families weekly, especially those with children, the elderly and those with special needs.   She also coordinates with Food Banks of the Rockies to distribute food in her community.

She invites you to come visit the farm, share your stories and learn about her future ideas.  She enjoys visiting with each customer and share her passion about hemp and CBD.

A photo of Isiah Bristow standing by a tractor.

Isaiah Bristow

Agriculture Operations Manager

Isaiah brings a wealth of plant knowledge to Zenzen Organics. He is a proven grower, provides plant genetics and breading strains of hemp. He oversees all aspects of the growing conditions of Zenzen organic hemp. Isaiah is versed in organic growing practices and is passionate about all aspects of the hemp plant including, fiber, textiles, food and fuel. In 1994, he had the first hemp shoes produced by Adidas, thus this is where the passion began. His father was a leader in the genetics of the cannabis industry and Isaiah’s knowledge comes instinctively from his father’s love of the plant.

Being a steward of the land, Isaiah brings his vast skills to growing this amazing plant. He is a natural teacher, eco-friendly, promotes water conservation and believes plastics should not be used in growing hemp. He loves exploration, studying different ecosystems and environments. You can see him on his days off with his two beautiful daughters, hiking and being in nature. He loves being around horses and taking care of them. In his off time, Isaiah is also is an artist creating hemp jewelry and coming up with new ways to promote hemp in our fast pace society.