Cherry Wine Hemp Flower – High CBD Smokable Strain

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Cherry Wine Hemp Flower is our smoker’s choice. Most noteworthy, is Cherry Wine’s smooth smoke and great flavor. The overall presentation of this perfected strain brings great satisfaction to our bud curator.

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What makes our Cherry Wine hemp flower the best smokable?

At Zenzen Organics it starts with our ethical approach to farming and land stewardship. A shocking amount of plastic row cover is used to farm CBD hemp, we don’t use it. Instead we tend the soil with cover-crops and all organic hemp farming practices. Our operation is small so we can stay focused on quality. Everything is done on the farm. We encourage people to visit us, to see and feel the difference.

Our Cherry Wine hemp flower starts from premium genetics and is harvested at its fullest. We cure it properly and test it thoroughly to ensure its potency.

We send it to you ready to enjoy.

Cherry Wine hemp flower characteristics:

The mid size and small green moderately tight buds packed with trichomes and peach colored pistils.  Cherry Wine hemp flower smokable buds are sparkly and full of resin. We fully cure our smokables for a smooth and easy smoke. There are minimal seeds. Our hemp flower is grown outside in Western Colorado. We are grateful for lots of fresh mountain water and clean air.

What are the benefits of smoking hemp flower?

Smoking CBD hemp offers a great flavor experience but does not get you high. Many people find it a relaxing and calming. Scientifically speaking, the cannabinoids and terpenes in hemp flower are being studied for an array of health benefits. The FDA has approved one CBD based treatment.

Potential benefits of the major terpenes in Cherry Wine hemp flower*

  • Bisabolol is Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-nociceptive (Pain Reliever for bruises, burns, fractures, and joint damage such as arthritis and sprais).
  • Caryophyllene is known for Anti-inflammatory, insomnia, Analgesic (Pain Reliever), Anxiety Relief, Anti Depressant, Anti Fungal, gastroprotective (ulcer healing affects), anti-malarial and dermatitis for allergic reactions.
  • Guaiol is  Antimicrobial (Bacterial and Fungi), Diuretic, Anti Inflammatory and Analgesic:  Helps with Arthritis, Gout, Constipation, High Blood Pressure, swelling, pain, bacterial infections and fungus.
  • Humulene is Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic, and Anorectic (appetite suppressant).

*The above statements were taken from the research of British Journal of Pharmacology,, 


  • Hybrid of Charlotte’s Web and the WIFE

RMA Labs testing results::

  •  8.64% CBDa
  • .26% THCa
  • .49% CBG
  • .71% CBC

Common Questions about CBD

About Zenzen Organics:

Our CBD products represent the premium harvest of a conscious farming process: “From Soil to Oil”. We farm organically without herbicides, pesticides and don’t use petrochemical plastic weed barrier. Giving back to the community is important to us and we are active in local conservation organizations, education and grow extra veggies to donate.  If you are in the area please come visit the farm.

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