Our ‘Golden Triangle’, known for fertile, rich, rock-free soil is located near the towns of Paonia and Hotchkiss. Zenzen Organic Hemp Farm outside of Paonia has been growing organic hemp since 2016, producing the finest quality CBD.

Zenzen Organics is a boutique farm growing the highest quality hemp in the valley and possibly the state. Our field has been blessed by the Buddhist Monks of the Gaden Shartse Norling Monastic University of India.

We follow all guidelines for organic certification and do not use pesticides or herbicides. We holistically believe plastic and hemp do not belong together, therefore Zenzen Organics does not use plastic row covers for weed control. We also avoid plastic in all of our packaging and use glass or metal where appropriate. We believe in recycling and protecting our environment.

Meet Our Team

Come visit the farm!

We invite you to come experience the farm, ask questions and see how hemp is grown. Try a sample of Zenzen Organics CBD and other products produced from our hemp. Enjoy walking through the sea of emerald green plants and sit by the pond taking in the majestic mountain views and beautiful farmland that is everywhere in our valley.  

Visit the farm!  During May we prep fields; June we plant;  August we prune and by September you can experience the harvest.  We spend our winters processing the crop and producing products that can be found on our website. Please give us a call, 970-260-0552, to arrange a personalize tour or drop in any Saturday during our growing season.

We look forward to your visit.

We are open for visitors every Saturday from  10:00 -7:00 pm!

Or give us a call for your personalized tour.


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12498 3790 Road Paonia, CO 81428

970.260.0552 |  info@zenzenhemp.com