Paonia Hemp Co-Op at Zenzen Organics

Zenzen Organics was proud to host the first Paonia hemp co-op meeting.

Strength of Members:

We opened the meeting by introducing ourselves, sharing our diverse and valuable backgrounds and experiences. By pooling our resources and knowledge the co-op could be a major force by putting Paonia and the North Fork Valley on the map for high quality hemp biomass and hemp flower.

Benefits of Co-Op:

Topics included the benefits of having a valley wide co-op. A co-op enables purchasing power, education support for new and existing growers and most importantly marketing strategies.

The discussion also included best growing practices, the benefit of organic growing models and certification and keeping our water sources pristine. Next, we discussed preventive measures for bugs and parasites including cross contamination of fields by laborers working one field to another field.

Testing and Laws:

We also discussed sharing information about testing, the importance of staying on top of legislative issues and the ever changing information on hemp laws at both the state and federal levels.


Also brought to the table was possible names of the co-op. No name was selected as we would like more farms to be part of the process. Marketing our crops and competing against large hemp grows was the most important topic of our meeting. We agreed on the benefit of being small independent growers coming together to meet the demand for organic crops. The conversation continued with creating a valley specific strain for our local environmental conditions and the importance having early finishers, which would set us apart form other growers in the US.

We invite all hemp farmers in the North Fork Valley to attend the next meeting:

Monday November 25th
Zenzen Organics
12498 3790 Road, Paonia, CO
(The big house in the back)