Custom Blend CBD

The dream has finally come true… to offer custom blend CBD to those who need something different. I have a friend whose child has seizures. She was having 4-5 seizures a week and her daughter doesn’t like how the CBD tastes, as it is naturally bitter, so I came up with the idea to flavor the CBD. She picked the bubble gum flavor. She is happy and so is mom. We at Zenzen Organics care about who needs CBD and  their personal needs. Working together we were able to get her seizures down to once or twice a month.

With our custom Blend CBD, you get to choose what you want in your CBD oil. You get to select your strength, 1000 or 1500 mg per 30 ml, your organic carrier oil, if you want sunflower lecithin, stevia and your favorite flavor.   All ingredients are organic. You can now order Zenzen Organics, Custom Blend Full Spectrum Cannabinoid oil online…. or come to farm… and check us out.