Buyer Beware: What you need to know about your CBD products…

Buyer Beware:

What you need to know about your CBD products…

Can you get sick from taking CBD or smoking hemp?  The answer is unfortunately a resounding yes.  How does the consumers protect themselves and learn what questions to ask? This is the fastest growing industry in the United States, with billions of dollars spent developing CBD markets.  What exactly is in your oil?  Have you research the company you are buying your oil from?  Just because it is on Amazon doesn’t mean it is a good product.  Along with the rush are shady characters trying to make a quick buck or extremely large hemp grows trying to save their crops and make a profit. This industry has little or no oversight.  The FDA nor the USDA does not regulate this hot market of CBD products. Consumers need to understand testing for pesticides, herbicides, mycotoxins, and heavy metals. The also need to know if these items are in your CBD they are at concentrated levels, which can make you very ill. Do you want your oil extracted using crude gasoline or butane? There are companies that use these chemicals to process their hemp into CBD oil.

If a farmer grow a 100 acres of hemp costing him approximately two million dollars, don’t you believe he will do everything he can do to get his return out of the crop and hopefully make a profit?  That is business.  How are they controlling the pests on 100 acres? How are they controlling molds and mildews? How are they drying their crop? And how do you actually dry a 100 acre grow?  Now, think about a 500 acre field of a 1000 acre field operation. Hemp grown in mega fields, is processed into CBD oil and is sold to local chain grocery stores, corner pharmacies and your local gas station.

So, you are thinking about taking CBD, but do you know the questions to ask to make sure your CBD is healthy and safe. Now it is time to do your research.

What to ask your CBD producer before you make that purchase:

Are Herbicides or Pesticides used to grow hemp?

The answer should be no. Request the lab results for the oil or the biomass from which the oil was made. If plant material is processed into a concentrate, herbicides and pesticides are also concentrated, then this becomes poison to the human body and/or pets. To protect yourself completely, purchase from organically grown hemp farms and CBD companies.

Did your CBD oil test clean of Mycotoxins (molds and/or mildew)?

The answer should be yes.  Please request the lab report. It should state pass or fail.  Mycotoxins can cause cancer and even death. Please read the article below on mycotoxins and the health concerns on the human body from the World Health Organization.

As a side note, many farms are bailing their green hemp plants and then wrapping them in plastic.   A perfect condition for mold to grow, this is more common than people are aware.  Mildew grows easily on cannabis plants in the right conditions.

Did the hemp grow use petrochemical plastic weed barrier in their fields?

Hopefully, the answer is no.  Many hemp growers use the same plastic for two years or maybe three years.  If you have ever seen a plastic left out in the weather, you probably know it breaks down into micro plastics over time.  The same thing happens when petrochemical plastic weed barrier is left in the ground for several growing seasons.  If it does break down in the sun and in freeze and thaw conditions, then it leaches chemicals into the soil, which is then is absorbed by the plant.  Once extracted, these chemicals are now in the plant, and then become concentrated. But what about, the petrochemical industrial plant that produces the plastic, it leaves a huge imprint on its local environment. Can the plastic be recycled? Yes, only California recycles plastic from within their own state, the rest is taken to the landfills across the US or left in the ground to break down into micro-plastics.

Did the hemp and or CBD oil test positive for heavy metals?

The answer should be no.  Ask for the lab test results. Most labs who test for heavy metals test for Mercury, Cadmium, Lead and Arsenic. Yes, it might be cheaper to buy your CBD from India, or China, but buyer beware and it is probably contaminated with heavy metals and can poison you quickly or over a long period of time. Even in the United States, hemp is being grown in contaminated soil.

How is the cannabinoid oil extracted?

The best way to extract the cannabinoid oil from the hemp plant is with CO2 extraction or food grade 200% ethanol, aka grain alcohol.  Stay away from any CBD oil that is processed with butane, propane and crude gasoline.  Yes, that is right butane, propane and crude gasoline! Trace amounts of these petrochemicals are left in your CBD oil after it is processed.

How is the hemp dried and did it freeze or get wet?

Farmers want their hemp to get as big as possible or be the first to harvest their fields to get their crops to market, maximizing their profits.  The problem is weather and greed.  When you have 100 acres or more you need a huge facility to hang the plant to dry.  The problem is, those hanging facilities do not exist in rural areas where hemp is grown. So the options are: 1) To cut the field and let them dry on the ground and if it rains or snows this is a prime breeding ground for mycotoxins, 2) To dry the plants on dryers, however, there are not enough mobile dryers for the number of hemp farms that have popped up. 3) To cut the crop and bail it green, which is a major concern for molds.  If the crop is not cut in time, it could freeze thus reducing the quality of the cannabinoids.  4) Only grow the quantity of hemp where there is space to hang. Therefore, my recommendation is to purchase from small boutique growers as they have more control over harvesting and get their crops hung faster and out of the weather avoiding molds.



Are you feeling overwhelmed? That is a lot of research to make sure you and your family are safe, and highly recommended.  Many companies are trying to make a quick buck off the CBD gold rush and many are shady characters who will falsify test results to make sure their products sell.  CBD products remain unregulated by the FDA. So what are you to do?  My best advice is to buy locally, organically, ask questions and most importantly, know your farmer.

At Zenzen Organics believe in providing the finest hemp and CBD in the State of Colorado and possibly the nation.  Yes, that might sounds far reaching and that is our mission.  We believe that CBD is the future of healthy living.  We grow only what we need at Zenzen Organics.  Our boutique farm is 20 acres and only 1.3 acres is grown in hemp. The farm is family operated and woman owned. Our agenda is not to get rich overnight, but to give our consumer the finest, highest quality hemp and CBD product . We care about this industry, our consumers and we want you to know the downside of this industry.

Zenzen Organics is open to public.  …Come visit the farm…, take a farm tour, sit by the pond, sample our CBD products and listen to how we grow our hemp.  We have no secrets. Zenzen Organics grows organically, using no herbicides, pesticides nor petrochemical weed barrier.  Over the last 14 years 13,000 lady bugs have been released on property. We compost goat manure to fertilize our fields. We weed mechanically and by hand.  Our hemp is cut and by hand and then hung in the barn. Then, it is processed with 200% food grade organic grain alcohol by a professional extractor. Our hemp is 3rd party lab tested.  Zenzen Organics is committed to bringing you the best products for you and your love ones. Learn more about the Farm at  Most importantly …love how you live…

2 thoughts on “Buyer Beware: What you need to know about your CBD products…”

  1. Hi Cindy,
    Great info,
    I’ve been taking CBD oil for 4 years now and was unaware of half the info you released.
    I’m looking forward to placing a order in the near future.
    Seems your prices are fair a bit on the high side, understandably as all hand grown and labor intensive .
    Have you heard about the Doug Varin strain? It’s high in thcv
    I’m interested in cbd that helps with sleep,anxiety, pain and inflammation.
    What do you recommend?

    • Hi Jeffrey,

      Thanks for your inquiry. I am not familiar with the Doug Varin Strain. This last year we grew the strains called Cherry Wine, Cherry and T-1. I would recommend the Cherry Wine Strain and with that being said, the FDA has not approved any strain of hemp for sleep, anxiety, pain and/or inflammation. You might consider reviewing comments on the testimonial page who have tried Zenzen Organics Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Oil and salves.

      You are correct, Zenzen Organics is not the cheapest oil on the market nor the most expensive. However, I believe that producing the highest quality oil is worth a fair price. Zenzen Organics hand weeds each plant multiple times a growing season. We do not use herbicides, pesticides or petro-chemical weed barrier, aka plastic, to grow the highest quality hemp. Also, over 13,000 lady bugs have been released on the property in the last 14 years to help with pest control. By purchasing our products you are supporting our farm laborers and their families with a fair wage.

      I look forward to your order. Thank you for your questions.

      Wishing you the best in 2020,
      Cindie Sorensen,
      Owner of Zenzen Organics


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