Living with Corona Virus – Tips

I wishing everyone good health and calmness as we embrace the virus that we are all now living with.  Her are some things you can do to help protect yourselves and your love ones.

You are the best one to protect yourself from the Corona Virus…



WASH YOUR HANDS          And do it Right! Wash vigorously for at least 20 seconds and don’t forget your fingernails


When sneezing or coughing cough in a tissue or into your sleeve


Steps you can possibly take to protect yourself:

Borax powder and vinegar with dish soap makes a great slurry for washing your hands

Primatene Mist can help with breathing problems

Keep tooth brushes clean, run through the dishwasher or get a new one

Don’t keep toothbrushes in the same container with others

Wipe down surfaces often in your home, car, businesses and where you work!

Remember salt is also a natural antibacterial


Recipe for sanitizing hand wipes or wiping down surfaces:

1 Part Clorox Bleach

10 Parts Water

1 Part Aloe Vera (optional)

Cut paper towels into quarters

Put paper towels onto cookie sheet

Pour bleach water over paper towels

Insert into zip lock bags

Excess bleach water can be put into a spray bottle or jar for cleaning purposes


Don’t forget that these areas are possibly contagious:

Door Handles, knobs and counters (Businesses, Homes, and Cars)


Car Steering Wheels

Gas pump handles

Gas pump key pads

Gas pump buttons for choice of gas

Credit Card Machines and the stylist to sign your name

Cell Phones

Pens in public places


Credit cards


Here is a video making the wipes:

Wishing you the best:

We at Zenzen Organics, want you to be safe.  Be compassionate to others, help the elderly, be aware of neighbors who are single or alone, be kind to others.  If you can share something with a neighbor, it makes the world a better place.

…Healthy Body, Kind Speech, Calm Mind…


Be safe our friends.

Sending Everyone Love,

Cindie Sorensen and Isaiah Bristow

…love how you live…

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