A Typical Day on the Farm…

Most days start at 6:30 am as we go to pull weeds.  The plants are looking great, full and green and so are the weeds. This spring we amended the soil with approximately four tons of composted goat manure, thus both the hemp and the weeds are healthy. We did not lay plastic weed barrier, so pulling the weeds is a full time job. Many thanks to everyone who has helped pull weeds, Isaiah, Jen, Tanya, Andrew, Danny, Mykey, Brent and Aspen, Craig, Cesar, Addison, Steven, Colin, Anya, Terrence, Clint, James, Michael, Leighton and Elenor, Jesse, Sam, Josh and Clinton.  That is a lot of people and the weeds keep growing. We pull weeds while it is cool, normally stopping at 11:00 or 12:00.  If it is overcast we might go later. Sometimes we have fun and make sculptures like the Sphinx made out of bindweed.

There is something about having your hands in the dirt,  clearing a path, making things clean, clearing your mind. It is meditative and relaxing.  Each of us does it a little differently, and the results are beautiful.  Big bushy emerald green plants now stand alone, but there is a new seed that has popped, growing and will soon be pulled on the next round of weeding.

The insects are just as healthy as the plants.  There are so many worms in our dirt, along with ladybugs, spiders, beetles and praying mantises. Each has a job to do.  Over the years approximately 15,000 lady bugs have been released in the fields. We believe at Zenzen Organics that we need to honor the planet.  We do not use herbicides or pesticides and petrochemicals of plastic do not belong around this amazing plant.