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Many rows of plastic weed barrier in a hemp field

Plastic and Hemp: What the consumer needs to know.


How does petro-chemical weed barrier affect our environment and our CBD products? On social media sites we see pictures everyday of plastic in our oceans.  … Read more

Heavy hemp plants hanging in old barn with american flag

Buyer Beware: What you need to know about your CBD products…

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Buyer Beware: What you need to know about your CBD products… Can you get sick from taking CBD or smoking hemp?  The answer is unfortunately … Read more

A photo of a large Cherry Wine hemp flower.

Paonia Hemp Co-Op at Zenzen Organics


Zenzen Organics was proud to host the first Paonia hemp co-op meeting. Strength of Members: We opened the meeting by introducing ourselves, sharing our diverse … Read more

Hemp farmers group photo

A Typical Day on the Farm…

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Most days start at 6:30 am as we go to pull weeds.  The plants are looking great, full and green and so are the weeds. … Read more

Custom Blend CBD


The dream has finally come true… to offer custom blend CBD to those who need something different. I have a friend whose child has seizures. … Read more

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